Bee Expedition Takes Flight Wednesday



Excuse the pun–that one was just too sweet.  This Wednesday we’ll launch our spring expedition: Give Bees a Chance.  Students will study Colony Collapse Disorder, the rapid disappearance of honey bees.  It’s a crisis that farmers and environmentalists have been hurriedly researching for the past few years.  Our first graders will become bee experts by learning about bee life cycles, habitats, and anatomy.  They’ll use the school’s pollination garden to study pollination.  We’ll investigate what makes bees essential to human life and then advocate for them by making and selling bee products at local farmers markets.

During the fall healthy bodies expedition, our families and friends stepped up to help us out.  My sister, Claire, brought her fellow medical students from Georgetown to teach our students about the heart.  A professional photographer volunteered his time to teach our students how to take focused digital photographs for their Healthy Foods book.  Teachers gave up their planning to teach our students about running and how to do yoga.  Parents donated healthy foods for the healthy food taste test.  We’ll look to you for support with this expedition, too.

We’re buzzing with excitement!  Sorry–can’t help it.

Illustration by Bill Cigliano via Johns Hopkins Magazine



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