Using What We Know To Figure Out What We Don’t

We are challenging ourselves to use facts that we know to solve addition and subtraction word problems within 20.  When we posed the first story problem, students immediately started counting on their fingers to solve it.  We stopped.  Our current challenge is to ask ourselves:  “How can we use what we know to figure out what we don’t?”

Adegoke and Joey came up with the first strategy.  They both noticed that they could use a double to solve their problem.  Adegoke doubled 6 and took 1 away while Joey doubled 5 and added 1 more.  Later, Adam realized that he could turn 7 and 2 into 7 and 3, a ten fact, and then take away 1 to get the answer.

Check out their amazing work.  (Click the photo to enlarge.)

photo (30)

Today, Nico took the challenge again and used doubles to solve a challenging problem without having to count at all!  We are overly excited about this work as each day we find more efficient strategies to solve our math problems.

photo (28)


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