More Than Just Honeybees

Until today, our expedition work has focused on honeybees.  We’ve studied the anatomy, needs, life cycle, and adaptations of honeybees.

Now, in line with our non-fiction work in reading, students are digging deeper and researching their own bees.  Students are researching solitary bees like mason and carpenter bees, and colony bees like bumblebees and honeybees.  Today, we started reading and researching our bees’ habitats.  For the next two weeks we’ll continue researching our own bees and then write our own non-fiction books about our bees!

photo (43)

photo (42)


We also learned about how solitary bees, like mason bees, make their nests.  Mason bees are important native pollinators.  Right outside our window, we get to see Akesh’s mom working hard to build and take care of our school’s pollinator garden.  To help her, we are making nests for mason bees.  We want mason bees to live in our garden so they can pollinate our plants.  Today, we bundled bamboo together.  On Friday, we’ll work with Akesh’s mom to assemble the mason bee nest in our garden.

photo (44) photo (45)


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