Beekeeper Visit

On Monday, Meg Greene, a beekeeper and second grade parent, visited our class to teach us about the challenging work of keeping 1

She showed us how a human-made beehive is made.  Then, she showed us all of the tools that she uses to take care of bees.  We learned that beekeepers use smokers to calm the bees.  Dr. Greene told us that when honeybees smell smoke, they think it is a forest fire.  So they eat as much honey as they can to store up for flying far away from the hive.  This calms them down and prevents them from stinging beekeepers as they go into the hive.  Beekeepers wear protective gear like veils and gloves to protect their faces from being stung.  We had the chance to try out the tools, ourselves!

photo 5 photo 1

photo 2

Dr. Greene showed us videos of how she and her son harvest honey from the honeycomb in their kitchen.

photo 2

photo 3

We had the chance to hold honeycombs whose honey had been removed.  The beeswax was sticky!

Thanks to Dr. Greene and her son for sharing all of their knowledge with us!


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