Bee Jobs

We have had a lot of fun learning about the different jobs that honeybees have in a hive.  Honeybees, unlike solitary bees, live in a colony and work together as a community to live.  We learned about the different jobs that bees have.  After learning about drone, worker, and queen bees, we worked in groups to create skits about the different bee jobs.

IMG_2466Adam makes us laugh as he acts as a queen bee laying eggs!

IMG_2468Natalie, Akesh, and Jeremy show us the three different types of bee jobs.

From there, we dug deeper and looked at the many different jobs a worker bee can have.  We further explored how communities function and made connections between human and bee communities.  Adegoke concluded, “When communities work together on something that’s hard, they can get it done.”

To show this connection, we got to work creating a riddle book about human and bee jobs.  We worked in small groups to research different bee jobs.  We then made connections to human jobs and wrote about them for our riddle book.

IMG_2488David, Jener, and Nico research the guard worker bee.

IMG_2489Johan, Natalie, and Mason research the all-important forager bee.  

IMG_2485Nyla and Brandon work to determine a human equivalent of the self-sacrificing drone bee.  Their answer?  Firefighters.  


Jada, Rebecca, and Joey work together to research nurses and doctors, their human versions of the nursing bee.  

Thanks to all families who brought in costume supplies for our photographs for our riddle book.  We’re working on wrapping up the photo shoot this week!


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