Flashback: Fieldwork at the Franciscan Monastery

Now that we’ve finished the farmers market, the showcase, and that Ms. Curry and I have written our progress reports, I can catch up on some posts that I meant to write weeks ago!  Hence, the flashbacks.  

A month ago now, we had the opportunity to visit the Franciscan Monastery in Northeast D.C.  Thanks to Adegoke’s mom, Nico’s grandma, and Akesh’s mom for chaperoning!  They graciously waived the fee for our visit.  The monastery has decades old gardens that we toured.  Students brought digital cameras from the school to document their learning.  

IMG_2772 IMG_2786 IMG_2788 IMG_2793 IMG_2795 IMG_2797  

The real reason we went, though, was to see their honeybees!  Toni Burnham, a local beekeeper and activist, keeps bees at the Monastery.  She did a beehive demonstration for us!  She pulled out the frames and let us stick our fingers in to taste honey fresh from the hive!  She showed us frames with bees crawling around on them and taught us about how to keep bees.  





IMG_2752 IMG_2756




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