Headphones Wanted!

At this point, your second grader has probably told you about The Daily Five.  The Daily Five is the set of five independent reading activities that our students engage in during our literacy block.  Since the second week of school, we have been building stamina in “Read to Self,” “Work on Writing,” “Read to Someone,” and “Word Work.”  Our record is 23 minutes of nonstop reading from all students.  Our goal is 30 minutes!  This week, we’ll add the fifth component of The Daily Five, “Listen to Reading.”  But don’t tell your second grader just yet!


We’re scrounging up individual CD players for students to listen to books on CD and work on fluency.  We would greatly benefit from some more headphones.  The more headphones we have, the less germ sharing we have to do! 

ImageIf you have headphones or individual CD players gathering dust in your closet, please send them to school with your second grader.  


One thought on “Headphones Wanted!

  1. We’re enjoying reading & viewing your blog! I absolutely love the picture of Saquoya during Read To Self Time. Thank you.

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