Fieldwork at Rock Creek

Norwin suggests that we should rename Rock Creek Park to “The Best Park in the Country.”  Why?  “Because we get to go there and do amazing things!”

Thanks to the support of Patrice, Gina, Jen, Mary, and Carol, and many borrowed booster seats, we traveled back to our contemplation spots at Rock Creek to see how they have changed in the past few weeks.


One of the first things students noticed was that their spots are covered in leaves.  Jennifer commented that the creek “smells stinkier.”  Adam noticed that the trash bag in his spot had since floated away.  Saquoya observed, “The water is vibrating around that rock.”  Others observed that the air and ground felt colder.  Some wondered if the creek is fuller than it was weeks before.


Students spent time in solitude, taking the time to notice their surroundings using four of their senses–hearing, feeling, smelling, and seeing.  After taking the time to notice, they wrote their observations in their nature journals.  We connected our work to the Small Moment Stories that students are writing in writing workshop.  In writing, students are learning to pick a tiny moment from a personal experience and “blow it up,” writing all of the small details to make a mental image of the moment. Today, students made sure not to describe all of their surroundings, but to instead zoom in on one small spot of their own.

Elias, Ashley, and Natty shared some of their observations.

We could still use some drivers for our November trip to the creek.  If you, too, could use a moment away near a bubbling creek, please email me to sign up!


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