Ready for Any Weather

During our J-Term, we are studying weather.  At the beginning of the month, we built in our observation skills from our fieldwork in Rock Creek and set up our Weather Journals.  We took a weather walk and practiced noticing the clouds, precipitation, sun, temperature, wind, and humidity. We wanted to be ready to go outside during any weather to make observations and write them in our journals.

We went out in the cold, fog, rain, sleet, and finally, yesterday, the snow!

It rained all day yesterday and we were, once again, stuck inside with indoor recess.  We were just in the middle of launching our newest math challenge, when suddenly, the rain turned to snow.  We stopped Megdelawit mid-sentence, grabbed our coats, and headed out the door to observe!



After our observation, the snow stopped, and we headed back inside to write down our observations.  Finally, we picked up where we started and got back to work on our new, tricky story problems.


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