Poetry Celebration and Mural Opening

Thanks to all of the friends and families who joined us at our poetry celebration and mural opening today!  Two weeks ago, we began planning, drafting, painting, and drawing our murals.  A snowstorm decided to get in our way so we spent the last two days working nonstop to finish our murals, publish our poems, and prepare for our celebration!

For the past week and a half, both second grade classes took over the hallway between our rooms as we sketched and painted the backgrounds of our murals.  We had so much fun admiring the work of our friends in 2B as they assembled their murals beside us.  While our murals portrayed our special spot at Rock Creek in all seasons, our other second grade friends presented a city neighborhood in each season.




Our murals were multimedia.  First, students painted the backgrounds, mixing different paint colors to portray the sky and creek in different seasons.  While some friends painted the backgrounds, others blended crayon colors to draw the different elements of their mural.  Each mural depicted what plants, mammals, insects, and people typically do during that season.

This week, students cut out their mural elements and began assembling the murals.  As they went, they added more elements–construction and tissue paper–to the murals.  We were inspired by the work of Eric Carle and looked at many of his books as we planned and built our murals.

Today, we welcomed friends and families to our classroom to celebrate our hard work.


Friends had different jobs to make our celebration a success.  Some were greeters, and passed programs to our guests. Others offered refreshments of grapes and apple juice to the visitors.  All shared their poems and presented their mural work.

While some friends stood beside their murals to explain their work, others presented their poems to our visitors.



Both students and visitors left comments for the poets.








If you didn’t get a chance to join us today, the murals are hanging in the second grade hallway.  Be sure to stop by and see them!


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