What’s Happening This Week

photo (1)
As a part of our expedition kick-off, students shared their notices and wonderings through sticky notes in a gallery walk on Tuesday

In spite of another bout of winter weather, we are keeping the train running on our Homes Expedition Kick-Off. Here are some things your second grader is grappling with this week:


Students continue to work through multi-step addition and subtraction problems that have up to four addends.  For example, students might solve the following problem:

The shelter has 150 puppies.  17 are brown, 37 are spotted, 44 are black.  How many puppies are white?


We are in the throes of a mini unit on memoir writing.  Using Cynthia Rylant’s, When I Was Young in the Mountains as a mentor text, students are writing memories of when they were younger.  Students have shared about learning to swim, stolen bicycles, lost stuffed animals, and their first days of PreK.


Students are working on making inferences to better understand fables.  They are using their schema and evidence from the text to discuss the more nuanced parts of a story, including determining the central message or lesson in a fable.


We continue to kick off our expedition on homes by discussing the questions, “What are homes?”  “What makes the place you live feel like a home?” and “Why do people need homes?” Check back later this week for a full post on house building and gallery walks.  We hope to reschedule our fieldwork to the Building Museum soon.


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