What’s Happening This Week?

photo (1)
We practiced interviewing and taking notes to prepare for interviewing parents this week.

Back-to-back fieldwork!  I refuse to listen to any of the talk about a potential snow day tomorrow.  After Friday’s trip to the Building Museum, we’re off to Rock Creek Park tomorrow to hike and look at animal shelters, build forts, and hunt for rocks.  Be sure your second grader is dressed for the cold weather! Here’s a look at what we’ll be taking on this week:


Homework went home on Friday and is due this Friday.  Last week we worked with a photographer to learn how to take pictures of different objects for our books.  For homework this week, students need to take a picture of their favorite foods and toys, and of their homes and families.  They will also interview parents about how they met their needs when they were seven.  Last week students observed and conducted their own interviews to prepare for this work.  Please take time this week to work on this project with your second grader as he or she will be using it in his or her writing next week.


In reading, students will continue to read fables.  As they read, they will infer the character traits to help them determine the fable’s lesson.


This week students will publish their memoirs using their neatest handwriting and detailed illustrations.  Join us on April 7 for our celebration!


After spending the week determining whether a number was even or odd and showing it with a picture, students will relate doubles and near doubles to numbers to show whether a number is even or odd.


We’re off to Rock Creek Park for fieldwork on Monday.  For the rest of the week, students will be learning about rocks and their properties.  Be sure that your second grader finishes his or her interviews by Friday and emails the pictures to me by Friday so that we can write and assemble the books next week.


On Friday we have our first swimming lessons at the Takoma Rec Center.  Make sure that your second grader comes to school with a swimsuit, towel, and bag to carry it back in once its wet.  Thursday is Literacy Night from 6:00-7:30.



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