Swim Classes by Natalie


On Fridays, starting on March 21st, we started going to the Takoma Park Pool.  We went after lunch.  We went on a school bus there. At the pool, we met the swimming teachers and one was a scuba diver! One swim teacher was playing with us in the swimming pool and we played with rubber duckies and squirted each other with water!  The other swim teacher was pulling groups of four and teaching us how to keep our arms straight, and taught us how to kick and keep our legs straight.

Meanwhile, in the play pool, we were playing games like chasing and squirting. They were all really fun! There was a stand with buckets and water was being poured in, and when they were full, the water dumped on us!  But it wasn’t turned on that day.

After we had changed, we went outside and ran around to burn off extra energy.  We had fitness after we got back to school, and when I got home, I was really tired!


Natalie, Author



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