“Ms. Thesing, we saw a fish!” “And I touched a tree!” “And I had a dragonfly on my leg!”

Showcase yesterday.  Canoeing today.  Takoma Library and Playground tomorrow.  This week is mighty.  And it feels like a fitting way to close out two years with an incredible group of friends.

Adventure is core to Expeditionary Learning.  Trips like these give all friends the opportunity to be challenged and to thrive in new ways. And so with three to a seat,  the largest parent turn-out to date (yes!), and an 80% chance of rain, we bussed out to Black Hill Regional Park in Maryland to canoe. Some friends raced.  Others took a leisurely route around the perimeter of the lake.  We tried different techniques like sitting and kneeling to get more power as we rowed. Claudia insisted that her team yell “Heave! Ho!” for the duration of the trip.  Elias’s screams could be heard by canoe teams across the lake.  Anthony drenched my shirt and shorts with water.  Adegoke’s mom tackled a strong current.  After a trip with his first group, Kayla’s dad grabbed her hand and said, “I can’t wait to take you out there!” Bruktawit shouted, “Home sweet home,” when she reached land again.  Needless to say, there will be some tired arms tomorrow.

The pictures capture more than I can say in words.

While the first group launched their canoes, some of us kicked off our time with running, tree climbing, sand digging, and playground scrambling.



IMG_7638We paddled across the lake, under a bridge, and into coves.  We found insects, fish, and some friends claim they saw turtles.  What we did see–and step in–was a lot of goose poop!  Some friends came home with collections of goose feathers.

IMG_7642Ms. Spellacy taught friends to find skipping rocks.  Most opted  to see who could make the most ripples with handfuls of pebbles.




IMG_7653Jener, Ashley, and Jocelyn paddle out to an island to pick up a littered balloon.











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