We’re Back!

It’s been a while, and I could certainly perseverate about the posts that I should have written during the first few weeks of school, but now we’re back.

There are a few changes to the blog this year.  First, the name.  After two years with our friends who are now third graders, the Capital City Public Charter School Class of 2024 no longer fit the blog.  Second, this year I hope to include more student-created content.  More to come!

To kick off the 2014-2015 school year right, we’re starting off with some posts written by our brand-new second graders.  Every Wednesday during all school service, students from our class will write blog posts about the past week in school.  Check back each week for posts from our second grade friends.

This week’s writing highlights our work on our Children Just Like Me expedition product, new math games with counting combinations of coins, our stamina building in The Daily Five, and specials.  Special thanks goes to Ms. Cushner, the Pre-K Art Studio Teacher, who taught us how to take portraits and still-life photos. From there, students wrote captions about their photos to show how they meet their needs.  They worked with partners to give each other feedback.  This week we looked at sample photo spreads in magazines and books and laid out our own book pages. Mark your calendars for Friday, October 17 for the family celebration and the close of our first case study.


By Karl

We took a toy to school. I brought a Skylander to school. That was my toy. And Michael took a picture of me and I took a picture of him.  Then we wrote captions for our pictures.  We worked with a partner to fix our captions.






Daily Five

by Leo

In Daily Five today we read books. We grew stamina. After that, we went to Work on Writing. We wrote interesting stories. Soon we will learn something new.


 At the beginning of the school year, the classroom library was empty.  Students read through piles of books, created their own categories, and sorted them into book bins.  Each week we sort through more books and add new bins to the library.

Math Game

by Tyra

Math is so fun! We played a game of math. It is so fun. We did it with coins. The whole class played it. It was a team game so everybody had a person playing with them.



by Marlon

At art we have paint and learn all about colors. And we have more specials like Music, Spanish, and Drama. They are good teachers. And we have good kids.



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