“I showed appreciation by shaking hands a lot.”


After spending weeks focusing on ourselves and how we meet our own needs, this past week we changed our focus to others in our school community and how they met their needs as children.

As we worked on our book pages, we realized that each time we read the Children Just Like Me book, we learn more about different children around the world.  Our book, too, helps us know each other better.  And so, we hope, our books about different members of our Capital City community will help other members of our community know each other better, too.

When we began planning for the book, we thought about how the authors of Children Just Like Me found the information to write their book.  Fiona noted, “We didn’t have to find information for ours because we already know all about ourselves.” Maggie, who has had a copy of the book in her book bin all week suggested, “Look at the back page of the book.  It tell us how they made the book!”  She read it to us, and we learned that the authors traveled around the world, interviewing and photographing the children in the book.  Following their lead, students developed interview questions and practiced interviewing both Ms. Kimble and me to get ready for interviewing other adults in the school.  They practiced greeting the interviewee and introducing the project. They practiced quickly writing key words as the interviewee spoke, capturing the essence of what they said for writing later.  With partners, they practiced showing appreciation for the person they interviewed.  Emerson suggested we say, “We know you are busy.  Thanks for working with us!” Giovanni was emphatic: “We are so grateful for you taking the time today to work with us. We really appreciate your help with this project.”  They were ready.






On Wednesday, they set out across the school to interview different members of our community.  Remembering what Ms. Cushner taught us in the Art Studio, they carefully took portraits of the interviewees, being sure to take a focused picture that has nothing but white space in the background.  On Thursday, they wrote up their interviews.  This week, they’ll illustrate the interview write-ups and prepare for publishing just in time for our celebration on Friday.  We hope you can join us from 12:00 to 1:00 in the Lower School Commons this Friday the 17th.




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