“Maybe we could introduce our parents to each other.”

On Friday, we closed out the first case study of our expedition with our Family Celebration potluck.  During this case study, we worked to answer the guiding question, “What do children need?” and “How do I meet my needs?” Through this work, we made connections with each other, reflecting that while we have common needs, we meet them in similar and different ways.  This is how our Children Just Like Me at Capital City  book came to be.  We hoped that through making this book, our second graders would begin to know each other better. IMG_9364An important focus of this expedition is knowing each other.  We hope that by the end of the expedition, students will walk away with an understanding that in addition to food, shelter, clothing, and play, people also need to feel known and part of a community.  In preparing for the family potluck, we acknowledged that while we know each other, but our families do not necessarily know us or each other.  To problem solve, students suggested, “We should ask people to wear name tags.” Anna offered, “Usually kids walk around with their parents because they don’t usually get the chance to see each other during the day.  So maybe if you’re with your parent, and you see a friend with his or her parent, you could say, ‘This is my mom,’ so they can know each other.”IMG_9348We shared our own experiences of feeling uncomfortable in a big group of people. Students shared about speaking different languages, or not knowing other peoples’ names, or not being sure how to talk to people they don’t know.  “You have to have courage to say hi to people,” Tyra reminded us.

Conversations like these will continue throughout our expedition.

Thank you for joining us and jumping in to share food, scoop macaroni and cheese onto second graders’ overpiled plates, and sweep cupcake crumbs. Thank you for saying hello to someone you might not yet know.IMG_9352IMG_9358



One thought on ““Maybe we could introduce our parents to each other.”

  1. Love this Erin! You make me want to be an elementary school teacher with these stories. I love them. If you ever need some long distance teenage buddies, I have over 100 that would fall in love with your students.

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