Weekly Newsletter

Thank you for joining us at our Family Celebration Potluck on Friday! And thank you for sending photos to help make the project possible. Our students were thrilled to share their work with a larger audience. Thank you for taking the time to join us during the school day. If you couldn’t make it, be sure to check out the students’ book pages, hanging in the second grade hallway.

This week we kick off the second case study of our expedition. Please be sure to fill out the attached sign-up sheet to sign up to support this expedition. More information about fieldwork, workdays, and more will come once students have signed up for specific groups.

As you might have noticed from the homework, each week students have five spelling words to practice. On Mondays, new words are introduced and practiced. On Fridays, we have a quick spelling quiz for the five words.

 Weekly News from Second Graders


Marlon, Emerson, Christian, and Tyra work on the newsletter while Amy replenishes the sharp pencil supply during service on Wednesday.

End of the Day Writing

By Emme

 We do writing to grow our writing muscles. Writing is when we get together and take a lesson about how to fix our stories and then do it. We are writing stories that are non-fiction. That means they are real stories that happened to us in our lives.

 Daily Five

By Marlon

At Capital City we have Daily Five. We have Read-to-Self, Work on Writing, and Read-to-Someone. All of them help you read and write. They help us become a good readers and writers.


By Christian

In math we do big. A lot of math! We have more work in math. In math it is fun. Math is so fun. In math we work.


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