Weekly Newsletter

IMG_9392During the gallery walk, friends wrote observations of and questions about the photos, videos, and artifacts that they observed. They responded to each other in writing. Here, Hernan and Maddison write their questions and observations during the gallery walk.

IMG_9397 Leo and Ms. Kimble have a silent, written conversation during the gallery walk.IMG_9398IMG_9402 IMG_9403 IMG_9404Dear Friends and Families,

This past week we kicked off the second case study of our expedition. We spent the week building background knowledge about the Maasai and the savanna. This coming week, students break into expert groups. Each group will have a kick-off experience. Some groups will go on fieldwork; others will make and build in the classroom. Be on the lookout for specific information, such as permission slips or information about clothing to wear, from your child’s group as we work on this project

As a reminder, Friday is pajama day. If your child chooses to wear pajamas, he or she should wear school-appropriate pajamas and shoes.


Ms. Thesing and Ms. Kimble

Weekly News from Second Graders


By Leo

This week in math we did subtraction and addition. We worked on story problems. We did story problems with basically every story that every kid did. That was fun.

Daily Five

By Fiona

In Daily Five, we did Read-to-Self. And we are doing Work on Writing and Listen to Reading. We also did Read-to-Someone. Thank you.


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