Weather Projects

Between expeditions, we do a January Term on weather and seasons. January affords us some interesting weather–sleet, rain, and snow–which has meant that we have gone on a few weather walks to experience and write about the precipitation in weather journals.

It’s also meant that recess has been a little bit more fun lately.

IMG_0603IMG_0703 IMG_0704 IMG_0730 IMG_0735 IMG_0741 IMG_0713 IMG_0720 IMG_0781

Second graders also worked in groups of three to research different weather topics like storms, precipitation, and clouds.

Each group read books, magazines, and articles about their topic, taking notes to prepare for their poster presentation. Then, we used the iPads and computers to use Pebble Go to do further research.  Having used Pebble Go in the library, friends were excited to get on and use it for research. IMG_0675 IMG_0678 IMG_0680

Pebble Go is like an online encyclopedia for emergent readers.  Filled with pictures and accessible text, students can click through and read different information.  Or, students can click a speaker button and the text will be read aloud.

We have an account that can be used from home.  Email me for the log-in!


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