Making Murals

The culminating project of our January Term on seasons and weather was our seasons murals. Friends worked in four small groups, each researching and designing a mural to show Fort Slocum in a different season.

We started by taking a trip to Fort Slocum to see the setting of our murals. We feel endlessly lucky to have this part of Rock Creek Park in our backyard.IMG_0910

Friends worked in their small groups to research what people, plants, and animals do during their season. They also researched the typical weather for the season. Using books and PebbleGo, they worked with their partners to closely read and capture key information in notes.  IMG_0930 IMG_0934

Next, they reconnected with their groups to make a plan for their murals. Reflecting on their research, they planned what they wanted to show in their murals.  The fall group planned to include migrating birds. The winter group planned to include leafless trees and hibernating animals. The spring group thought about how they could show a budding tree.  The summer group thought about the types of clothes people might wear when they are hiking.

IMG_0936 IMG_0939Finally, we pulled out paint, tissue paper, construction paper, glue, scissors, and crayons and got to work making the murals. Friends considered what the sky might look like during each season and mixed colors to make different variations on greys and blues. Others twisted tissue paper squares to make budding leaves and flowers. Still others drew animals and glued them on the mural.IMG_0984 IMG_0988We had fun sharing our murals at our mural gallery opening and poetry celebration last week  If you were unable to join us, they are hanging in the hall outside of our classroom. Be sure to look around the school for our poems. They are mounted on black paper throughout the building.


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