“Ms. Thesing, do we have homework?”

DSCF2390Yes. Yes, we will have homework. No, we won’t send it home until after the first six weeks of school. After all, during the first six weeks, we’re still busy figuring out how to work together to build puzzle people, like above.

During my drive to school this morning, an NPR Weekend Edition story about homework caught my attention.

The reporter shared research that echoes the primary team’s homework philosophy:

Homework clearly improves student performance, right?

Not necessarily. It depends on the age of the child. Looking over the research, there’s little to no evidence that homework improves student achievement in elementary school. Then again, the many experts I spoke with all said the same thing: The point of homework in those primary grades isn’t entirely academic. It’s about teaching things like time-management and self-direction.

This year you can expect to see a consistent homework pack for each week. Our hope is that our second graders will build habits of independently completing three tasks. Each night second graders will be asked to read independently for 20 minutes, practice addition and subtraction fact flash cards, and practice their five weekly spelling words.

Be sure to join us at Back to School Night this coming Thursday for more information about homework, fieldwork, our expeditions, and more.


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