The Mighty Girls of Team Shelter

For the third year in a row, the Shelter Expert Group is taking on the mud-hut-building project. Traditionally, the Maasai have used clay-filled dirt and cow dung to build mud huts. The D.C. region’s soil is laden with clay so we’re on the hunt for soil from family’s backyards to help complete the project. Let us know if you have some that we can use!

In the meantime, the Shelter Group headed to Paint Branch Creek in College Park to dig up and feel raw clay. Five mighty girls grabbed buckets, towels, and trowels, loaded into a mini van with booster seats in tow, and drove to the creek on a late October afternoon.

They ran to the creek.DSCF2986 They made a plan for digging.DSCF2988 They realized that they’d have to cross the creek to get to the clay.DSCF2993They rolled up their pants and sleeves as high as they could go and forded the creek.DSCF3005They got to work excavating red, pink, purple, orange, white, grey, and red clay.DSCF2994 They rolled the clay into balls, and rubbed the balls into the current to make ribbons of clay down the creek.DSCF3009DSCF2997They rallied teammates who were nervous to go deeper, grab buckets, and find more clay. “Step up! You’re on Team Shelter! We need you!”DSCF3023 DSCF3025 DSCF3029 DSCF3037 They shouted, “Ms. Thesing, why didn’t you tell us to wear bathing suits?”

“Because it’s only 70 degrees today!”

“I don’t care! We could have gone swimming!”DSCF3040 They found treasures like well-worn glass, sedimentary rock, and worn down pieces of pottery to share during our Morning Meeting.DSCF3051 DSCF3053DSCF3056What a mighty, mighty team.DSCF3044


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