Working with Three-Digit Numbers, An Update

In my last post I wrote a post about our initial work with three-digit numbers during the past few weeks. We launched this work by having friends model three-digit numbers to show each digit’s value.

During the past two weeks, friends began to compare three-digit numbers, thinking about how a digit’s place impacts its value and that a 9 represents different values in different places.

As a brief update, here’s a quick look at some of the work friends have done to model story problems pictorially. IMG_1099IMG_1101While these charts are written by me, they are transcribed from our debriefs. You can see that friends model the numbers with hundreds, tens, and ones. Mark’s 467 pencils are decomposed into four hundreds, six tens, and seven ones. They then compare the pencils, explaining that six hundreds is more hundreds than four hundreds, making 674 greater than 467.

Below are samples of strong student work: IMG_1104IMG_1105IMG_1107Friends are making great progress in making clear models that are labeled. Many also include written rationales for their thinking.


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