New, new, new.

We’re wrapping up our first week back after Winter Break and and everything is new. New table spots, new reading partners, new library books, our new teaching assistant, and new units.

IMG_1674.jpgIn math workshop, we started our measurement unit with measuring length using nonstandard units. Friends measured different objects in the classroom with popsicle sticks, string, and receipt tape. They held a jumping contest and compared the lengths of their jumps using nonstandard units, including their shoes. After realizing that they could not compare the lengths with different units, they remeasured their jumps using unifix cubes, allowing for a more accurate comparison. Friends are working on measuring accurately by precisely iterating their measuring tool without gaps.

During writing workshop, we began our poetry writing unit. Friends first experimented with looking at everyday objects in new ways. Instead of just describing the object, they thought about what it reminded them of or looked like. Then friends began to add line breaks to their writing. By the end of the week, friends began to write about topics that hold meaning for them. Instead of just writing about seashells and rocks, friends thought about topics that give them big feelings–performing on stage, missing an uncle–and found small moments or objects to capture the big feeling, which they then looked at in new ways and then wrote about using line breaks to make poems.

IMG_1731Between our fall and spring expeditions, we do a small unit on weather and seasons. This week friends began this work by working with partners to research and learn more about a specific weather topic. Using books, articles, and PebbleGo, friends read and wrote about hurricanes, fog, frost, blizzards, rainbows, and more. Next partners will prepare poster presentations to teach their friends about their weather topics.

In the coming weeks we will be looking for your participation in a few projects. We will be looking for more recyclable materials. We hope that you’ll join us for our writing celebration in early February. Be sure to help your second grader select a poem to share during Morning Meeting this month. More to come!


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