Mitten Basket


When it comes to our spring expedition, we go outside no matter what. For the past two years we have done fieldwork in the sleet, rain, and snow. This year will be no different.

Even in the cold, we go outside for recess every day.

But sometimes seven-and-eight-year-old friends lose a glove, or forget a hat, or insist that they are not even cold one bit before going outside. “I’m always hot!””I wasn’t cold this morning!” They insist. As a sort of insurance, we’d like to have a basket of mittens, gloves, scarves, and hats in our classroom for days where friends forget to bring their own.

Here’s where you come in: do you have a pair of gloves with a hole that you wanted to get rid of? A hat that doesn’t quite look right? Mittens that are too small? A scarf whose fringe is frayed? Please bring them in to drop in the basket for friends to share. After this snowy weekend, friends will be itching to build snow people, and bare hands just won’t do.

We’re also on the hunt for a parent to pick up the basket and bring it home to wash each weekend so the gloves stay clean for friends to use.

Email me if you’re interested, or feel free to drop any donations off in the morning.


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