Sharing Our Poems with Our Neighborhood


When we started our poetry writing unit in early January, we quickly learned the power of sharing poems. During morning meeting, friends brought in favorite poems and read them aloud. Book bins overflowed with books of poems. Friends hand wrote poems found online and brought them to our circle to share. “There’s even a poem here,” Oscar exclaimed during reading workshop, as he discovered line breaks in his informational book about sharks.

I’ve written before about the wonderful weeks of work that go into our poetry writing unit (onetwothree). In the past, we’ve invited friends and families in for poem readings and hot chocolate; we’ve hung our poems throughout the school; and we’ve shared poems at all school meetings and in other classrooms. This year, we decided to share our poems with a wider audience.


After revising, editing, and publishing their poems, friends made a plan for sharing their poems with our neighbors. “How will we know if they’ve read them?” Escarlet wondered. We added labels to the poems encouraging readers to take a picture and share the poem with their thoughts with #2APoets


In the torrential rain, friends stormed to find spots throughout the neighborhood to surprise our neighbors with poems. Armed with twine, hole punches, scissors, and thumb tacks, we scouted the neighborhood surrounding our school for little spots to hang the poems.


“They can read it while they wait for the bus.”

“Maybe this will make someone happy when they wait to pick up their kids.”

“I want to put mine near Fort Slocum because that’s a special place for us.”

“Everyone walks through this gate. I’ll stick mine here.”


Later that day, friends and families joined us to look for the poems, read together, and share our process.



If you were unable to join us, head out to 2nd Street and Peabody Street, look for a poem, take a picture, and share your thoughts with #2APoets. And be sure to check out all of the poems, also outside of our classroom.




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